Midtown toothache

Midtown Toothache

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Treating toothaches in Midtown

Cavities, fillings that are no longer viable, chipped teeth, cracked and fractured teeth, and infections inside a tooth that comprise the common cause of toothaches. When you come in for an examination at the practice of Nate Satler DDS, the priority is to diagnose the reason behind your pain so that treatment can be started immediately. Not only is that crucial to relief from your Midtown toothache, but it’s also important for ensuring the chances of the best possible outcomes, which means not losing the tooth entirely, and avoiding infection if at all possible.

Sometimes, a Midtown toothache can result from something outside the tooth, such as the effects of the common jaw condition called TMJ disorder, or even advanced gum disease. But the vast majority of the time, tooth pain comes from the inner tooth being exposed. Under normal circumstances, your tooth has impenetrable barriers in the form of your enamel and dentin layers. They serve to protect your tooth so that air, food, and beverages cannot have an impact on your nerve. Also, bacteria is trapped outside of the tooth, where it cannot do any harm. The nerve of a tooth should always be shielded. And when it isn’t, you’re likely to suffer a Midtown toothache. The longer the exposure persists, the greater the opportunity is for bacteria to find its way inside. The resulting infection means that you’ll need root canal therapy. And even though the procedure has benefited from advancements in dental technology, making it comfortable to undergo, it’s something that you’re better off avoiding.

There is no good reason to wait when you have tooth pain. Yet there are obviously good reasons for reaching out to our office right away so that you can get prompt care for it. We don’t want our valued patients to suffer for any longer than absolutely necessary.

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