Dental implants in Midtown

Dental Implants in Midtown

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Treating tooth loss in Midtown

Tooth loss is a difficult thing to deal with, though there are many procedures that one can consider if such a thing were to occur. As soon as you experience tooth loss, it’s important that you discuss your options with the dentist. With the help of our dentist, Nate Satler DDS, you can learn more about which avenues for treatment may be available to you, including dental implants in Midtown.

Options like dentures and bridges are also common, but dental implants are revolutionary when it comes to replacing lost teeth. According to many patients who have undergone surgery and currently live with dental implants, and plants feel the most like real teeth, will also performing and looking the most like them as well. Each individual implanted tooth can be custom designed so that it looks as natural as possible and matches any remaining teeth that you might have. Since each tooth is firmly anchored in the jawbone, you never have to worry about using your food wisely we’re having to feel self-conscious whenever you speak or smile. However, dental implants to do require some deal of oral surgery, so a thorough preliminary examination is required before undergoing any preparations in order to make sure that you are eligible for this procedure. Here with Nate Satler DDS, you can undergo the necessary evaluation you need for dental implants in Midtown while also receiving the comprehensive care you might need if the procedure is right for you.

Like real teeth, dental implants are attached to the bone, which is generally achieved with the use of titanium posts. These posts actually meld with the bone as they heal so they are firm and reliable. Once these posts have healed, your individual dental caps can be placed into the posts and sent into place. To learn more about what this procedure might and tail as well as whether you happen to be eligible for dental implants in Midtown, all you have to do is call our office and book your appointment with Nate Satler DDS.

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