Cosmetic dentist Midtown

Cosmetic Dentist Midtown

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Cosmetic smile makeovers in Midtown

How do you feel about your smile? It may be that words like frustrated, awkward, and self-conscious are ones that describe it. Perhaps you find that you’re covering your mouth to hide your teeth from other people. If only you could just have a perfect-looking set of teeth for life, you would never have to think twice about speaking or laughing in front of others. Well, with cosmetic smile makeovers here at the practice of Nate Satler DDS, you can have that great smile now and for the foreseeable future.

What do we mean by a cosmetic smile makeover? It’s a term that encompasses four of the most popular treatments for aesthetically enhancing the appearance of your teeth: implants, bonding, veneers, and teeth whitening. Used separately, each is extremely useful, but when combined, the results are powerful and spectacular. Our cosmetic dentist Midtown assesses your existing smile, asks you about your goals, answers your questions, and then develops a custom treatment plan for you. It may include all four treatments or just two or three, but it will be uniquely designed to improve your smile to the maximum degree. Some of the more common issues that you may come in with to see our cosmetic dentist Midtown are missing teeth, chipped teeth, discoloration or stains, wide gaps between your teeth, receding gums, and misshapen or crooked teeth. The number of sessions that you will be required and the total amount of time from start to finish for your cosmetic smile makeover is going to vary, of course, but when you come in for your initial consultation, that can all be estimated to give you an idea of what to expect.

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